As we travel through life, many things happen, triumph and down fall, achievement and failure, they each meld into our core like the fabric squares of a patchwork quilt. Many of the wisest people I know discount their own wisdom. The things that shatter us into a million pieces always seem to leave us struggling, but these pieces are the mosaics of experience and wisdom, that when placed together, complete the wonderful masterpiece we are now.

This blog is about sharing yourself and your experiences with others that may be going through things that you yourself may already have conquered. If you are caught in a questionable situation, an empathetic, knowing ear could be a most welcomed gift. How did you make it through? Are you still struggling? What is your advice?

This support is priceless and we all have it to offer to one another freely. Anonymously or otherwise, please email me any subject/situation that you may be having a dilemma with or have questions on how to proceed. I will incorporate them into a story/post, ultimately letting the followers respond in kind to the question... What would you do?


I saw them together!


"He's cheating on her!" I told my husband, "It's none of your concern!" was his callous reply. Truth is, I didn't want to tell her, she had been through this before and I knew it would kill her, but to know and do nothing, that just seems wrong too. My husband has the attitude that since he is still taking care of her and the kids, treating her right and not "sleeping with multiple women",  I should respect the family unit and not disturb it. That makes me question his morals in the situation as well, is there a male code of ethics to keep this stuff hidden?

They always SEEM happy together, he dotes on her and she looks up to him and gushes when he is around, it's been ten years, I wonder what goes wrong in these unions. I now feel trapped and am uncomfortable even being around her alone, not to mention THEM as a family. I have made excuses for every invitation, surely she will start questioning my absence. My morals are screaming at me, I would want to know, maybe she does know and herself is trying to work through it with him. I keep getting no support from my husband on the issue as this is his best golfing buddy. He tells me he would be very upset at me if I choose to "step in". My friends are all mutually combined with this couple so sharing there, I feel, would be cold and uncaring. This is breaking me in two.

What would you do?


Her daughter's secret...

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She is young and beautiful, a vibrant girl that had grown up right before my eyes. I have watched her catch fireflies and devour Popsicles at summer cookouts with my children. Her mother is my best friend and we have stayed up many a night worried about our children, chatting over coffee about normal parenting issues. We all take an openly active role in the upbringing of the children simply because we are always together.

One day we went to dinner together to celebrate a birthday. Our daughters both fooled around at the table like giddy teens will do. My friend's daughter seemed to be eating ravenously this night, I had never noticed her doing this before but thought little of it. She then excused herself to the restroom, I inadvertently followed a few moments later. I heard her purging in the stall. She came out and started crying when she saw me standing there in shock. I was begged to keep this between the two of us, as she did not want to involve her mother. She promised she would stop immediately, a few weeks later I found her purging again.

She is (in my eyes) a thin girl already but claims her friends are all smaller and tease her. Once again I was asked to keep the secrecy, but she had already broken her end of the deal. I feel like getting her mom involved might add more pressure to her and want to give her the benefit of the doubt, but I have been questioning my place in this matter for weeks now. She trusts me and obviously needs a confidant.

What would you do?